Monday, January 31, 2011

King Pie The Almighty Pie-y-One Of Pie Town - Pie

It was a cold dark evening and I wanted pie. Lots of pie. Really lots of pie. So much pie in fact, that if King Pie The Almighty Pie-y-One Of Pie Town came to visit even He would think there was a lot of pie here. Sadly however, King Pie The Almighty Pie-y-One Of Pie Town doesn't exist. And neither does Pie Town. Bollox anyway.

For this pie, now named King Pie The Almighty Pie-y-One Of Pie Town - Pie. There are, there is, no there are lots of ingredients but do feel free to use less and make a lesser pie. If that's how you are going to show your respect to the late King, then fine, you lesser pie lover.

You will need: 1 x pack of puff pastry; 1 x squash, peeled and chopped, 2 x Sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks; bunch of kale; bunch of spinach; mushrooms chopped, maybe 500g, or maybe not; 300g goats cheese, I used Ryefield from Sheridans; 500g of walnuts roasted; few cloves of garlic; some spices, I used hot smoked Paprika, cayenne pepper, ground ciniminimaoninm.

Preheat your oven to 180c and roast the Squash, which was mixed with the ground cinionmoninim, and on the same tray roast the sweet spuds which have been mixed with cayenne pepper and paprika. Add some whole cloves of garlic too. Give them all a good season and a drizzle with some oil. Rub the spices into them and the roast until cooked. The sweet spuds will prob cook a bit quicker. Remove when cooked and blitz.

At the same time, roast your walnuts for about 10mins. Remove and set aside.

While the above are roasting, fry off your mushrooms with some rosemary, season well and set aside. In the same pan fry off the kale, season it and set aside. Still using the same pan fry off the spinach for about 30secs, remove and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Mix the spinach, kale, half of the walnuts, slightly crushed and some of the goats cheese together with the pureed veg. Taste and season if needed.

Next, roll out your pastry to fit your dish. Line the bottom with the roast veg mix, followed by a layer of mushrooms. Top with the rest of the goats cheese and bake at 180c until brown gooey and golden. About 10 before the end add the rest of the walnuts. It's nice to add some sliced chili also.

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