Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Supper Club Pop Up Restaurant

Sunday 27th March,
Ormond Wine Bar, Dublin.

On Sunday 27th, Salty Squid was very lucky to attend the first night of a new, monthly, communal eating binge in Dublin. Two very talented and slightly insane chefs undertook the ever more insane task of cooking a 10 course tasting menu for 35 hungry people served by kind, friendly wait staff.

To say the food was amazing would be an understatement. In fact the whole night itself was great
. That sing along at the end, was the 11th course! Thank god we have no photos.

Squid cannot even spell the names of what we were served, nor can our limited grammar or below par writing skills describe how good this was. But we can stick up some photos to try give a sense of how great it was. Amazeballs.

Some background: The Supper Club is the brainchild of chefs, Sandy and John. The whole idea is that once a month they will pop up in a different venue, in Dublin city, and cook a load of amazing food. Visit popuprestaurant.ie to book or The Supper Club on facebook for more information on the next one. Spaces are limited.

Goats cheese, Baby Beets, Pistachio, Aged Balsamic, Purslane

John & Sandy

Sweet Corn Veloute, Lyonnaise Onions, Smoked Bacon, Girolles...Sweet Jesus

Wine Glasses, Random People Making Friends, Cake Stand

Dark Chocolate Silk Cake, Honey Combe, Coconut Sorbet

Petit Fours: Bon Bon, Marshmallow, Chocolate Fudge

Braised Veal Brisket, Gnocchi, Gremolata, Capers, Desmond Cheese

Foie Gras, Braised Chicory, Salted Grapes, Golden Raisin

Cod, Clams, Shaved Cauliflower, Baby Gem


  1. Is there any chance there'll be another pop-up sometime between April 29 and May 9 in Dublin? Just asking... no reason.

  2. When will you be here??? Sinead already mentioned a mysterious message of yours ;) Give us a shout, so we can book you in for the next Supper Club!

  3. Gorgeous pictures - I'm a huge fan of Tapas too. My hubbie proposed to me in Sevilla - Tapas Heaven;-) Really happy to have found your blog.